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Black Gold Ascent Ambush Sight Review

by Chris Larsen

Ascent is the “moveable” Black Gold bowsight! With Ascent you’ll get more range and adjustability than with traditional moveable hunting sights. And, unlike other moveable sights, Ascent works with one-piece quivers.

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More bowhunters than ever are switching to single pin moveable sights. There is a reason that archers that use single pin sights are often put in their own class at many competitive archery events. A super clean sight picture with no clutter helps archers focus on their point of aim and increases accuracy. If you’re looking for the best single pin bow sight available, check out the Black Gold Ascent Ambush.

Black Gold Ascent Ambush Review

The Ascent Ambush features a splined vertical drive gear for quiet, solid, and smooth operation of the adjustment system. The "Dial of Death” is well known as the top adjustment system that offers target accuracy to bowhunters.

The drive system is fantastic but it does nothing for you without a great pin and the Montana Black Gold Ascent Ambush has Black Gold’s brightest pin ever. Of course, there are times when a pin can be too bright. Black Gold’s PhotoChromatic Shell with SkyCoil Technology makes sure your fiber optic receives ultimate brightness when it needs it and dulls bright sunlight to prevent the halo effect some sights leave you with on sunny days. The Ascent Ambush also features Black Gold’s BombProof 1 piece machined micro groove pin. This system cradles the fiber optic making it the strongest pin available.

The Ascent Ambush comes with 54 sight tapes included so it will work on virtually any bow. And you won’t have to follow complicated math equations to figure out which sight tape is for you. All you need to do is shoot your bow through a chronograph and pick the sight tape that corresponds with the speed of your bow. It can’t get much easier than that. Once you get your bow sighted in the Ascent Ambush’s zero-out feature allows you to dial to a predetermined yardage without even looking. This is huge in a hunting situation.

Most of the other single pin movable sights on the market make you use special brackets to attach your quiver. With the Dial of Death mounted at the front of the sight, the Ascent Ambush will work with just about any quiver out there, no special bracket needed!

The sight tape on the Montana Black Gold Ascent Ambush is rear facing so you can always see the yardage. As stated earlier, the drive is incredibly smooth but it’s important to note there is also a lockdown lever to make sure your sight will never move when you don’t want it to.

The Ascent Ambush comes with a fluorescent green guard ring and green pin from the factory. But there are a number of custom options for the Ascent Ambush available from You can change your sight rings to any one of seven colors including fluorescent green, atomic yellow, radical red, neon pink, wicked white, orange, or even purple. Your pin color can also be green, red, or yellow. Want an Ascent Ambush with a dovetail mount? We can do that too! If you plan to use your Ascent Ambush as a target sight, a magnifying lens can also be added on. They are available in 2X or 4X magnification.

A lot of people wonder how practical a single pin sight is in a hunting situation. I personally wouldn’t hunt without one. The clean sight picture allows me to see more of the animal through my scope housing and pick out the vitals easier. But what about moving the sight when an animal is close? There really isn’t any need to do that with today’s modern compound bows. I set my sight up at 25 yards when hunting in the woods. This allows me to shoot accurately up to 35 yards without touching my sight. If an animal is further than that, I have plenty of time to move my sight to the desired distance. If you’re looking for the best single pin bowhunting sight, you’ve found it with the Montana Black Gold Ascent Ambush.